Silicone Heat Gripper Pads
Silicone Heat Gripper Pads
Silicone Heat Gripper Pads
Silicone Heat Gripper Pads
Silicone Heat Gripper Pads
Silicone Heat Gripper Pads
Silicone Heat Gripper Pads

Silicone Heat Gripper Pads

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silicone safe grabs

Silicone Safe Grabs

Firmly grips onto platform or furniture surface without slipping/sliding away, holds hot pots/pans reliably & safely, and prevents sticky mess & stains on your counter tops when used as a holder for cooking spoon or pots containing hot liquid that could spill or drip.

silicone potholders

Heat Resistant Silicone Potholders

High Heat resistant Silicone can easily withstand upto 440º F – (not meant for exposure to direct flames).

Honeycomb designs lets you hold even the most slippery kitchenware with a firm grip and prevents oil & water from adhering to the surface – versatile design can also be used to open tight jars with ease with our silicone pads.

silicone safe grabs

Food-safe Silicone

Food-safe silicone doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into the food & is non-toxic.

Simply throw in the pot holder in your dishwasher — its machine friendly design lets you wash it and remove any residue in a jiffy!

Measures 7”x7” with 0.12” thickness for optimum utility without being bulky!

safe grabs

Jar Opener Gripper Pad

Brightly colored kitchen trivets adds a splash of color to otherwise dull & drab kitchens! People also like to use it as a large coaster, cutting board mat, placemat, potted plant pad, oven mittens and much more! Makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones for house warming, newly-weds, baby shower & all festive or casual occasions!


About The Product

  • MULTIPURPOSE — Safely lay hot pots on your table / platform without damaging the surface (new-age trivet), use it in place of mitts for holding hot pans, open tight jar caps, rest your cooking spoons, or shell garlic cloves with Kitchemy silicone pot holders – Nifty Silicone Hot Pad
  • SMART DESIGN — Special honeycomb texture offers a firm grip/hold while also retaining the liquid dripping from the utensils (reducing mess), high heat-resistance of 440 ºF makes these safe for hottest pots, and stain resistant design keeps the silicone trivets new-like in the long run
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE — Made with premium food-grade silicone, our trivets for hot pots and pans are NON-TOXIC, and do not leech harmful chemicals into your food, generous size (7” dia) can accommodate most pots/pans, while their dishwasher friendly design makes cleaning of hot pot mat a breeze
  • ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT — Our silicone trivets for hot dishes boasts bright colors, adding vibrance to most kitchen decors, and is light on the pocket, making it a thoughtful gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s & more — perfect trivet Silicone Potholder
  • GUARANTEE — If you’re dissatisfied with our jar opener gripper pad for any reason, we will either replace the product or provide you with a refund, no questions asked! However, with its premium look & feel, and functionally effective design, we are quite sure that you will be impressed with it

So, why think twice?

Our hot pot trivet set is designed for a smarter kitchen.